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Thoughtful Thursday

Hello lovies, As previously stated day one of my new baby that I will post a quote in regards to life, fashion, love or just something random as hell lol. So here is today’s thought!


Shany Cosmetics

Good morning lovies, Yesterday I arrived home to I believe 6 packages…some of which were things ordered on Friday and were listed in my fabulous finds post but the 2 I want to speak on were not. I ordered 2 products from Shany Cosmetics. Now to give a little background on the company it started… Continue reading Shany Cosmetics


Countdown to TDay….♊♊

Heyyyy Lovies, First off Happy Memorial Day! Shout out to all those people who fight for our country! Ok now on to other things…the countdown continues 3 days to go! My 28th is on its way and I’m still not to motivated to do anything at alllll lol. The awkward moment when your name is… Continue reading Countdown to TDay….♊♊


Friends….how many of us have them??

I have had the same best friend since 9th grade my 10 ur reunion is next month you do the math. Good friends are very hard to come by and I’m lucky enough to have a great set! I love them all. My oldest friend is many miles away but it hasn’t changed or damaged… Continue reading Friends….how many of us have them??


I Got Pierced!!

Well for about a year now I wanted my nose pierced. I will be the first to say my tolerance for pain is extremely low. Hell I don’t even like to get needles. I thought I would die when I got my foot tatted but here I stand. Today was the day. I paid a… Continue reading I Got Pierced!!

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F Friday…I Work Weekends

Well as previously stated I work 2 jobs…yes I know the struggle is real. As a result I only get 2 weekends off a month 😩😩😩. That being said I do what I gotta do so that’s were I am today and lawdddd I’m sooo ready to go. However I still managed to be cutie… Continue reading F Friday…I Work Weekends

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Fabulous Finds on a Budget!!

Hey Lovies, Like the avid shopper that I am fridays will never go by without me paying myself for my hard work. That being said I introduce Fabulous Finds Friday. Each week I will post a picture and link if possbile for all the Fab style deals I purchase. This morning my “drug” of choice… Continue reading Fabulous Finds on a Budget!!

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Make Me Ova!! Cover Girl 3-IN-1 All Day Flawless Foundation….SOLD!!

The Bottle and Applicator So as mentioned in the “About Me” section of this blog I am becoming a lover of all things make up. So over the past few weeks I have been trying a number of drug store foundations. One day I will venture into the department stores but for now and for… Continue reading Make Me Ova!! Cover Girl 3-IN-1 All Day Flawless Foundation….SOLD!!