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Branded Bargain

Steve Madden Women’s Windupp Wedge Bootie

I’m a lover of all things printed. Leopards, cheetah, galaxy, words, tribal/Aztec and anything else. For quite sometime I have been eyeing some Steve Madden wedges but the $100+ price tag made me shy away from that purchase. On one of my many, many, many “window” shopping sessions on amazon.com I found them! Yay!!!! What made the fact that I found them this time so great was that they were on sale for $23 and change. Say what girl??? Yes $23 for Steve Madden shoes. I was in heaven and immediately placed an order for them. She sho did! While they are extremely high in heel height momma gonna work it out!

photo (3)

I feel like every girl should have a great $23.00 pair of shoes so I will link it below. Until next time ladies *smooches*


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