Fabulous Stores

Shop-a-Holic 101

Sooo I feel like it’s only right that I start this off with speaking on my first love. Not my boo thang whom I have been with for 6 years, not work because well it’s work, but SHOPPING!! Lovies let me just say that I love to shop! It’s more than likely what I was called to do in life but I haven’t quite figured out how to live in Baltimore and be a personal shopper. Below I will list some of my go to stores mainly the ones that have websites.













Now these are just to name a few. I’m a new school shopper. I absolutely dread going to the mall but I do love to buy new things. That being said I’m a novice online shopper. I love it and I can find just about anything you need online.  Now don’t get me wrong every store doesn’t have online however all of the ones that do I browse faithfully. I’m also a bargain shopper. I like to get the biggest bang possible for my buck. I mean I work hard and I do mean hard. I’m currently working not one but two jobs. I get a total of 4 days off a month with exception of the 3 holidays I don’t work so momma deserves to buy any thing her heart desires. That being said I also love stores like Marshalls, Ross, and TJ Maxx. The latter being my least fav. I find the best deals @ Marshalls and Ross when i can make it to one. My outlet for good deals is Amazon and Ebay! I love them both. I get the best deals and find the best pieces which I will show case later. I feel like I just said a lot but in reality this is my contribution to the world. I’m not a Shopaholic, I’m just helping the jump-start the economy! Until next time *SMOOCHES*

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