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Fabulous Finds on a Budget!!


Hey Lovies,

Like the avid shopper that I am fridays will never go by without me paying myself for my hard work. That being said I introduce Fabulous Finds Friday. Each week I will post a picture and link if possbile for all the Fab style deals I purchase. This morning my “drug” of choice is pieces from Ebay. I am a reformed plain jane who is still in the transition stages of revamping my wardrobe. I will share my journey to find the perfect pieces to make me feel whole.

Todays Fabulous Finds are from both Ebay and Forever 21.

FOREVER 21 pink buckle fashion statement bracelet

Three Textured Gold, Silver, and Rose Gold Dome Shaped Stud Earrings



Antique Gold or Silver Bangle Bracelet w/ Wood, Faux Snakeskin or Leopard Print



Forever 21

Black Knit Hi-Low Skirt


Friendship Bracelet


Straw Febora Bowling Hat



Leopard Print Chiffon Maxi Dress (I’m In Love)



Cutout Geo Crescent Necklace

Wayfarer Sunglass Stud Earrings (1.80 and SUPER CUTE)

I am super EXCITED about these pieces and what I will pair them all with. As previously stated I am a true shopaholic but on a budget. I honestly don’t like buying anything full price anymore lol. Some call me cheap but I just call it smart. Why spend big bucks when I don’t have to. I have grown up bills so $1000 for shoes that will most likely kill my feet just doesn’t seem appealing to me. I’m personally not even into brands. I don’t care what the tag says as long as it fits good and I can get at least 1 wear out of it. It’s a myth that you get what you pay for because I have clothes that I didn’t pay more then $20 and have had them for years and they are still in GREAT condition. That could be because it’s not constantly in rotation or simply the manner in which I wash it who knows. I do know that everything that glitters isn’t gold so I don’t dwell on cost or brands. It’s only clothes and to be honest I would be a lot more pissed upset if I dropped grape juice (almost impossible to get out) on my $200 shirt as oppose to staining my $10 t-shirt. It’s basically just material with a name brand on it so pish posh. Anywho, I hope you all enjoyed this collaboration of pieces I have collected today and will look into possibly purchasing some yourself. Shout out to my boo thang Chardaa in advance for both the name of this blog and for pairing my pieces together (yes I’m volunteering you in advance) when I get them and I’m ready to wear!!


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