Shany Cosmetics

Good morning lovies,

Yesterday I arrived home to I believe 6 packages…some of which were things ordered on Friday and were listed in my fabulous finds post but the 2 I want to speak on were not. I ordered 2 products from Shany Cosmetics. Now to give a little background on the company it started off as a company that only supplied make up professionals with their products but now they are offered to us all. I only purchased a small brush set and a make up palette. It’s full of bright spring/summer colors. I have yet to use them but I plan to play in it this weekend because yes ladies and gentlemen I am OFF! Anyhow…I’m doing this from work and i have lots to do so i’ll post the link to the website for Shany and the links for amazon where I purchased mine from check out the links below.

Also, ill put a review on them once I play in them.

Until next time…*SMOOCHIES*


9 thoughts on “Shany Cosmetics

    1. Hello there…thanks so much keep coming back! I will check out your blog as well. Those brushes were about $13. As soon as I get a minute I will post the amazon link. The link is below!


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