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A Bag, You Can Borrow, It’s a Steal!!

Good morning lovies,

It’s that time again…time for fabulous finds. While over the past few days I have purchased a little of this and a little of that (post on those coming soon) today it was just a simple purse purchase. I have been looking for the perfect nude purse since I first laid eyes on the Nude Huxtable Bag from Aldo. Sadly I was unable to get that bag because once it was $20.00 it was gone :(. Well the search is OFFICIALLY OVER!! Yes ma’am at a reasonable price of $55.30 (no tax and free shipping) I snatched up this Imoshion Mazel bag.
Let me just say lovies I can’t WAIT to get this bad boy and I am absolutely planning to treat myself to the Spearmint color in this bag. I can’t wait to meet my new baby. Quiet as it’s kept I have a nice little addiction to bags. It’s crazy because I hate to switch purses. I will carry the same bag forever. I have clutch bags that still have tags. I just don’t have the patience to switch but, I soooo love to look at them lol. It’s my addiction. I just love pretty and girly things. I’m a sucker for accessories and bags. I love shoes and lawd I love sunnies. My next post will be about the fabulous sunnies that I have picked up in the last 2 weeks.

I also picked up a super cute Leopard Print Clutch from H&M. Cost me a little over $12. Unfortunately H&M does not have online shopping but I will show a picture. It comes in multiple colors but I have been eyeing that bag for ages and was almost unable to get it. It was the VERY last one and it was under some other bags. I will be going back to get the snake-skin one. I will link the page so you all can see the other bags too. I tell you I have no self-control when in the mall. I did manage to leave the mall with only personally purchasing a necklace, earrings, and 2 pairs of sunglasses.

I will try to upload the picture, I’m currently having no luck.


Anywho, until next time….*SMOOCHES*


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