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Maybelline Colorsentational Vivid Lipsticks

Hey lovies, Maybelline has been absolutely winning over the past couple years. Today I just want to take a moment and shine some light on the 10 super saturated shades of the Maybelline Color Sensations Vivid line. Now, so far I personally have only 3 colors (but I plan to get more) and they will… Continue reading Maybelline Colorsentational Vivid Lipsticks

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Sunnies….Shading My Eyes In Style

I’m baaaacccckkk! Ok this will be the last post for the night. Momma has to get up @ 6 for weekend work life. UGH…but I digress I struggle to take care of me. Anyhow, I’m a lover of what I affectionately refer to as sunnies…*sigh with dreamy eyes* yes I love them so. Ok, I’m… Continue reading Sunnies….Shading My Eyes In Style

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Milani Color Statement Lippies

Hey lovies!! Soooo after a long grueling week @ the work place I came home and did some snap shots to review and share the lovely statement lipsticks by Milani Cosmetics. Lemme start by saying these are drugstore branded Lippies and cost about 4.99-5.99 at the most from what I’ve seen. Ever since the first… Continue reading Milani Color Statement Lippies