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Milani Color Statement Lippies

Hey lovies!!
Soooo after a long grueling week @ the work place I came home and did some snap shots to review and share the lovely statement lipsticks by Milani Cosmetics. Lemme start by saying these are drugstore branded Lippies and cost about 4.99-5.99 at the most from what I’ve seen. Ever since the first one I purchased I have been in love. The formula is amazing and it’s very hydrating. They even have a wonderful fragrance. Even the matte lipsticks have a cream finish when initially applied but it does dry matte. Again, it is very hydrating. Basically I’m in love. So without further ado I present to you my small collection of Milani Color Statement Lippies.


As previously stated even with the matte lipsticks they glide on as if they are cream but dry as they should. I will do individual lip swatches later but for now I have the swatches on my arm.


Now my collection consist of
Sweet Nectar-Bright Orange (Cream)
Best Red-True Matte Red (Matte)
Uptown Mauve-Berry Purple/Pink (Cream)
Sangria-Dark Berry Purple (Matte)
Violet Volt-Shimmering Purple (Metallic)
I have plans to have the entire collection but for now these will do. My favorite so far is Violet Volt. I went to multiple stores to find this lipstick and after searching high and low and finding it, it was restocked @ my local Walgreens go figure! The colors are all beautiful and work well with any complexion. I’m a chocolate drop and I can and do work ALL of these colors. As soon as I get a minute ill do lip swatches.

Which one do you like?? Let me know!

Until next time…*SMOOCHES*

Added bonus…
I managed to find some of the old Milani lipsticks and they are beautiful in color. One is said to be a dupe for a Mac purple lipstick however, I don’t have the other to compare. So anywho, you can find them below.


(L) Magenta Madness (Mac Dupe)
(R) Grape-Tini
Both were hand swatched and found on eBay or amazon I can’t remember which but if I find the link ill post it.

Bottom-Magenta Madness

Ok so I finally have lips lips were stained so magenta madness is off in terms of color but still pretty.

Ok I’m out for real y’all 😘✌





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