Fabulous Fashion

Sunnies….Shading My Eyes In Style

I’m baaaacccckkk!

Ok this will be the last post for the night. Momma has to get up @ 6 for weekend work life. UGH…but I digress I struggle to take care of me. Anyhow, I’m a lover of what I affectionately refer to as sunnies…*sigh with dreamy eyes* yes I love them so. Ok, I’m back lol. Well I have purchased a few pairs within the last 2 weeks and decided to share. Some came from Amazon, some came from EBay, store in the mall, and the local Baltimore Flea Market. They vary in style, color, and shape as well. I won’t talk your heads off so here goes!

So this first pair are what I call my “Geek Glasses”…I got a great deal on them…as a matter of fact I paid $11 for this pair and the next pair. EBAY!!!

Faux Wayfarer…they are super dark and have basically been taken from me…thanks Kendall!

These are tribal printed sunnies inspired by wayfarer as well….clearly I love that style. These were a bargain as well….2 pairs for 19.00. Purchased them from the Robert Wayne in Arundel Mills Mall. Since they were 2 for 20 that brings me to the next pair.

These just give me Totally 80’s hunni! I’m absolutely an 80’s baby. I been shining since 1985 (which was a good year). I love the color contrast as well as those colorful lenses. They are absolutely a great buy. They give me a chill day kinda feel. The next few pairs can be dressed up or down and bring out my inner kitty.

Now these are my loves! I know I say that about every pair that I have but that’s cuz they are all my babies. I think these maybe similar to a pair I saw Beyonce wearing but I’m not sure. I love them though. 9.95 and free shipping from EBay! Next up is a combination of my love of prints and my new love of cat eye sunnies.

These babies were a purchase from amazon. They were 9.99 and because I have prime it was free 2 day shipping. I love theme. Between the shape and the print on them, they are a winner in my book. So last but not least we have a solid and printed combination.

Picked these up at my local flea market and at $5 it gets noooo better. Ill try to locate the sellers of the glasses I got from amazon and eBay.

Until next time y’all *SMOOCHES*

Which ones did you like?

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