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*UPDATED* RiRi Hearts Mac Collection

Hello lovies,

Now I am very new to make up and I do mean new. Like I have only been wearing lippies for maybe 2 months. I never wanted to be one of those girls who was gaga over Mac products but I couldn’t deny my urge to splurge anymore. So my first Mac cosmetics purchases are from the RiRi Hearts Summer Collection. I have a photo of everything in the collection above which includes 3 lippies (returning RiRi Woo, RiRi Boy, and Heaux), a blush and bronzer duo compact, and liquid bronzer I believe. Now, I wasn’t really interested in the bronzer or duo but the lippies did catch my eye. That being said I purchased 2 lippies (one of which is sold out). Riri Woo was in stock and has been purchased as well as RiRi Boy that was our of stock 😒😔 but I made the purchase anyway and when it’s restocked I will get my lippie. It’s said to be restocked in mid July.

For those of you who don’t know what the products look like they will be pictured below. I will do lip and hand swatches when they arrive.

RiRi Woo-Retro Matte, Cool, Blue-Based Red

RiRi Boy-Retro Matte, Vivid, Lavender-Violet

I may go for the gusto and put in an order for Heaux tomorrow but I have to sleep on it.

So that’s all for now but stay tuned…where you able to get these lippies?

Until next time…*SMOOCHES*

Below is the packaging and swatch both hand and lip swatch. While I don’t have Riri Boy yet I did feel like its only right I show off RiRi Woo.



Please pardon the fact that I look ratchet it was a HOT day and I was fresh from work. Also I added Nightmoth Liner to give it definition. Ill re-apply with no liner. I must say it is very matte but it has a little moisture to it upon application. I wish that more thought was put into the packaging since its limited edition but I digress. Basically, I love it! It’s an amazing red for all skin tones.

Anyhow, what do you think?

*disclaimer* all items were purchased with my own money.

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