Thoughtful Thursday

Hey y’all!! In like we all chose the path in which we take. Nothing or no one can dictate the path in life we take. It’s hard out here I must admit but we all have a choice. The choice to make change, to be better, or to do something different. Today’s quote is centered… Continue reading Thoughtful Thursday


Broken Hearted

NOT GUILTY! Today is a sad day in history. We are all expected to believe that our judicial system was created for the good of all people but the bottom line is it isn’t. Today will forever be etched in my mind as another day that justice was not served. The fact that Michael Vick… Continue reading Broken Hearted



Hey Lovies, Since summer is in full swing I feel like it’s only right to share with you the things that are essential for summer. I did not add shoes or clothing only beauty products, a purse and hat. Here in Baltimore the weather most days is either HOT, Raining, or both…UGH FML! So no… Continue reading Summertimmmmmmmmmeeeeeeee!!


My Pledge….

Good morning lovies, I feel like it’s been forever since my last post but don’t fret I will soon be back at it. Well, today my heart is a little heavy because I hate to see a friend covered in sadness. We are living in some very troubled times and the devil walks among us.… Continue reading My Pledge….