My Pledge….

Good morning lovies,

I feel like it’s been forever since my last post but don’t fret I will soon be back at it. Well, today my heart is a little heavy because I hate to see a friend covered in sadness. We are living in some very troubled times and the devil walks among us. I actually live in a city that is so riddled with crime right now it’s scary to leave your home. Life has to go on though. We are currently at a staggering number of 40+ shootings in 9 days with 16 being fatal. It’s a sad day in Baltimore’s history. Even with all the hard balls the life throws at us (crime rates) we still have to worry about the snakes in the grass. The ones who get pleasure from hurting others mentally. The ones who are happy to see a sister down. The ones who make it their life’s mission to try to make us miserable. Misery does love company. I for one REFUSE to be MISERABLE. It’s not an option for me. I know my smiles makes some people cringe and that makes me smile harder. We as people have to find our inner strength and forget those who judge us. The ones who wanna be that crab in the barrel pulling us down. We, as sisters have to stick together. A little less tearing one another down and a little more building each other up. It amazes me that people can be so hateful, so mean, so vicious, and so cruel. Tearing someone down for their own personal gain. Life is too short for the extra’s. It takes a lot of energy to be mean to someone and to go through great extremes to hurt another person. So today I want to share with you all a poem Letitia L Hodge.

My Pledge of Allegiance to Me
Written by Letitia L. Hodge

There’s more to me than the human eye can see.
I’m a woman of purpose and destiny.
A perfect design, I’m special and unique.
I won’t be identified by the parts that make up my physique.
My beauty is not defined by my skin or my hair and my soul has more value than the clothes that I wear.
I’m not a symbol of pleasure or sex appeal;I have the natural ability to comfort and the power to heal.
When God made me, He created a gem because He fashioned me in the likeness of Him.
I refuse to do anything that will put God to shame.
I deserve to be treated with reverence and called by my name.
I can’t be purchased or sold at any price because I’ve already been bought and paid for by the precious blood of Christ!

With that I bid you all a good day!! *SMOOCHES*

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