Broken Hearted


Today is a sad day in history. We are all expected to believe that our judicial system was created for the good of all people but the bottom line is it isn’t. Today will forever be etched in my mind as another day that justice was not served. The fact that Michael Vick went to jail for funding dog fights and George Zimmerman is going to home to kiss his wife, hug his mother, play with his kids and relax while this 17 year old kid never got to graduate high school saddens me. No one should be allowed to pursue someone and take their life and pay no debt to society. In 1955 there was no justice for the Till family and in 2013 there is no justice for the Martin family. He was a baby and was doing nothing wrong and because he was “suspicious” he was taken away before he even got a chance to live. I need The Lord to show up and show out because America is in trouble. My heart absolutely bleeds for this family because where is the justice? They will never get to see this baby grow up because yes he was a baby. They will never get to hug him, converse with him, chastise him, praise him or anything besides put flowers on his grave. It’s sad to say that the verdict was not a surprise considering it took 44 days for an arrest to be made. I’m living in a city that’s riddled with violence that I need The Lord to show up. I pray for the safety of those in Florida because this may be worse then the LA Riots. I don’t want to see that happen because in the end the black race will be looked at as animals and that’s just simply not what we are. We are angry that these situations continue to happen. We are made into examples too often and when the shoe is on the other foot justice is not served. It’s a very said day for America. As people we have to do better. Be better, excel, and show the world that be are better. With that being said I pray that the Martin family is able to achieve some form of peace.

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