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Cookout Flow

Hey lovies,

I know I’m awful for not blogging in soooo long but life is hectic right now and I honestly haven’t had anything worth sharing 😔. I will get back to it though I promise. Anywho…the end of summer is fast approaching and I went to a end of summer cookout yesterday. I just wanted to share my face and outfit of the day. The shorts are DIY and if anyone is interested in seeing the creation process let me know I have pictures.


Primer: milk of magnesia (sent from the make up gawds no oil all day)
Pore filler: Benefits Porefessional
Foundation: CoverQueen 3-1 all day flawless foundation (i have a post on this foundation) 1 1/2 pumps and no concealer
Eyebrows: Ruby Kisses 24Hr eye pencil and Ruby Kiss Face Creator level 15
Blush: Black Radiance Red Vino
Contour: Black Radiance Black Berry Morre’ (I believe that’s the name)
Bronzer/Highlight: Sleek Contour Kit (Dark)
Eyeliner: Elf Eyeliner Gel (black)
Waterline: Urban Decay 24/7 Kohl Liner in Zero
Mascara: Rimmel Lash Accelerator
Lippies: Mac Nightmoth Liner and RiRi Woo

Side by side Before and After

My love and I and this is with a flash and there is no ghost like cast or flash back

Photo Muscle Shirt (Agaci Store)
Pink Bandeau (EBay)
High Waisted Ombré Distressed Shorts (Thrifted Jeans and DIY)
Black Bow Flip Flops (Kohl’s)
Forever 21 Accessories
Simple yet chic outfit perfect for a chill day!!

Below imma post a side by side shot of my make up to show you how well milk of magnesia works..until next time smooches!!!

The shiny areas are just from the light above my bed there was ZERO SHINE!

Have you tried Milk of Magnesia?

4 thoughts on “Cookout Flow

  1. You looking fab girly! I didn’t even recognize you from your profile pic. I like the new do, and thanks for the reminder about milk of magnesia, I haven’t used it once all summer. 😦


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