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How to make your outfit pop!!

Hey y’all!

I’m back again. I’ve always felt like a plain Jane and never felt like my outfits ever made any type of statement. I’ve come to learn that accessories make your outfit. Below I have a picture of items to make your outfit go from Blah to Boom!

Color Pop: Lime Green/Studded Crossbody Bag (Jimmy Jazz)
Sunnies: Leopard Print (Forever 21)
Statement Necklace: Love Necklace (Rue 21)
Earrings: Rue 21
Wrist Pieces:
Bangles & Love Bracelet (Rue 21)
Link Bracelet (Forever 21)
Watch: Monument (Shop NBC)
Shoes: Nude XOXO Flats

These items made my simple ripped jeans and netted tank top the pop it needed for today. Not too much and not too little.



What do you do to go from Blah to Boom??

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