Fabulous Fashion

25 Days of Christmas…

Well hello my loves,

It’s Christmas time again…I’m super excited about Christmas this year and am totally looking forward to all the festivities and family time. My family and I are relatively close but we are all equally busy so we don’t gather as much as one would like. That being said I love the family time that comes along with the holidays. Between the food, family and lawd yes lawd the deals when shopping I’m loving this holiday season. So in light of the holiday season I have decided to do a 25 Days of Christmas feature (even though I’m 3 days late). What this means is, I’ll be showing you one item each day that would be great for gifting or as a special treat to yourself. It could be a clothing item, shoes, beauty or hair. My goal is to post, post, post, with or without a new laptop :(. I’m also up for suggestions of products you would like to see or for me to review. I’m willing to try almost anything so I’m up for this challenge. I don’t shop every day so this will be hard but I’m gonna do it. The first item(s) will be posted tonight so stayyyy tuned and Merry Christmas!

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