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Mac Heroine Lipstick Swatched and Dupes

 Hello loves,

A few weeks ago I posted that M.A.C. Cosmetics would be adding the infamous Heroine Lipstick to it’s permanent collection and when I heard this I JUMPED for joy. It released on line in the US on 12/16 and on 12/16 @ 12pm est I was online and ordering mine. A few days later the new love of my life arrived and to be clear it is indeed worth the hype. The color is BEAUTIFUL.

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I now understand why people loved it so. It’s a gorgeous lip color. IMO it is perfect for any skin tone and can be worn with or without a liner. It can transition through all the season. By all I mean ALL. Like this can be worn Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall.

Below you will find a hand swatch of this infamous lippie.


As you can see its a true Matte Purple and unlike a lot of other MAC lippes I.E. RiRi Hearts Talk that Talk this lippie is not drying at all. To be honest it applies really well and it also last ALL day. I wore this and ate, drank through a straw/cup, and just sat around and it had great lasting power. The downside is it does indeed stain your lips pink but that could be a good or bad thing depending upon how you look at it. I remember reading or hearing somewhere that OCC’s LipTar in Hoochie is a dupe but that couldn’t have been further from the truth. I swatched the 2 side by side and they were way off. Heroine was a lot deeper and not has bright which for me is a good thing. I did not post a picture of the 2 side by side but I did post some other colors in the collection that came very close to duplicating this color. Those I did swatch for you all.

Dupes: (closes I had in my collection)

dupes for heroine

Now they are not dead on but they are extremely close and this was photo’d with flash and I think for anyone who does not wish to pay the $15 that MAC charges for their lipsticks then these are great alternatives. Now Lavender Voltage pictured on the left was limited edition and will more then likely be almost impossible to find unless you check EBAY and you’re willing to pay an astronomical amount. That being said Shameless is still very much available and can be found in Walgreens, Target, Walmart, CVS, Rite Aide, and anywhere else that sells Revlon products including some Shoppers Food Markets. They retail for I believe $8.99 and you may even catch a sale of some sort. It’s a beautiful color and it applies well.

So what are your thought’s on this color? Do you know of any other dupes? Did you purchase this in the 1st,  2nd,  or final release to the permanent collection?

Until next time…..XOXO


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