Hello all!

As you all I know I am a diva on a small dime so when I come across bargains I feel it’s my duty to share these things. Now, while I love Sephora, MAC, Urban Decay and a host of other high end cosmetics. I have to admit spending $36-$60 is not my idea of budget buying. It can indeed put a hurting on a bargainer like myself pockets. While watching YouTube video’s I heard a Vlogger mention the site allwholesalecosmetics.com   and me being the person that I am I immediately went to check the site out and I must admit I was impressed. This site has a host of brands both high end and drug store a semi to super discounted rates. Now, I have to say that in terms of the high end products I can not say whether or not the products being sold are 100% authentic however, I will say I wouldn’t think twice about finding out. This Vlogger also mention the site beautyjoint.com and for the second time in a short time I was again impressed. This site too offers cosmetics for the LOW. I think I’m in love actually. Like I felt tingly on the inside. Ladies, go check out these sites for some of your beauty needs if you are on a budget like myself, are just getting into make-up, or you simply just want some bargain priced items to add to your collection.

Have you been on these sites? Do you know of any other sites that offer discounted cosmetics?



**Disclaimer: I am not being paid to advertise this information and unfortunately my editing system will not let me link the sites…it won’t show up. Sorry :(**

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