D.I.Y. Lip/Eye Pencil Holder

Hey lovebugs,

Today I wanted to bring to you my first of hopefully  many D.I.Y. projects. A while back I had the issue of not being able to find my Lip or Eye pencils when I needed them so I went in search of a solution. While looking on a fellow bloggers website she had the idea of using an old shoe box I believe for make up storage. I, however only needed storage for pencils so, I took her idea and made it my own and this baby was born.



Items you will need:

A Small Cardboard Box

Decorative Duck Tape

Hot Glue Gun or Glue in a Bottle














Step 1.

Cut the closure flaps off  the top of the box and put the to the side.holder5

Use the duck tape and cover the entire outer perimeter of the box to decorate it.


Step 3.

Take the closure flaps that were put to the side and cover them with the tape as well.

Step 4.

Using your glue gun or bottle glue, place 2 of the closure flaps in a column like formation at the bottom of the box. This will act as you separator. Then take the remaining 2 flaps and place them across the 2 flaps at the bottom. holder3

Step 4.

Place your items inside the box and boom there you have it.


Hope you enjoyed this…Until next time



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