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Viva Glam RiRi


Launching 1/21/2014 Click Me to Buy Me
Launching 1/21/2014 Click Me to Buy Me

Hey love bugs,

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and unlike myself are enjoying this lovely Monday morning. I’m currently suffering from the Monday blues :(. Anywho, RiRi is back with another M. A. C. Cosmetics product. This time she will be joining Lady GaGa, Rupaul, Pamela Anderson, Nikki Minaj and the others for her very own Viva Glam RiRi lipstick. The lippie is described as a blue-toned red. My assumption is it’s not a retro matte which may set it apart for the other Riri lippies. They are also offering lipglass the same shade in combination with the lippie. While I’m personally not excited about ANOTHER red lippie by RiRi I love that the proceeds from the Viva Glam collections are donated to the M.A.C. AIDS Fund. I do believe that this is a wonderful cause and for that reason and that reason only I may purchase this lippie because in reality I do not need another red lipstick.

This lipstick and lipglass combo is set to launch on M.A.C. Cosmetics online 1/21/2014 in North America. At the time I do not have the information for international and in-store launch but I will update you all once I get that information.

Do you have any Viva Glam lipsticks? Will you be purchasing the newest addition?



10 thoughts on “Viva Glam RiRi

  1. I am really kind of afraid of red lippies but since it’s for a great cause I might buy it and donate it to my friends makeup box since he just started his new company. I do own some of the other viva glams (mostly Nicki Minaj since I’m a huge fan) and I absolutely love them. They make me feel so girly. Lol. Thanks for the post. Love reading your blog.


    1. I was terrified of them as well but I bit the bullet and went for it. A lip liner can be your best friend with bright colors especially when you are a woman of color. I don’t own any of the viva glam products but I think I may go for this one. Thank you so much you have no idea how much I appreciate it! I will absolutely keep up with yours as well 🙂


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