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Mini Drugstore Haul


Hey lovebugs,

I hope all is well with you all and you are enjoying the weekend that is upon us. I went to Walgreens on Friday after work and picked up a few items and wanted to share them with you all.

First up are the Rimmel London Show Off Lip Lacquer in Shades Comet and Nova.


These lacquers can be described as maybe liquid lipsticks because the pigmentation is amazing. The first time I applied them I was like “woah this is too much”. I then realized it was buildable and unfortunately and used a little to much. On the lip swatches above that is a light handed application. Due to my deep complexion I have to be light handed with this product which isn’t a problem for me. I must admit with initial application I hated them however I tried 2 more methods and decided they are ok. First method I used was utilizing a brown lip liner to make them more wearable which worked like a charm. The 2nd method was what is shown in the photos which is a light hand. The hand swatches are with one swipe. Amazing right? They are soft but for me not that easy to apply but very moisturizing on the skin. I find that using a lip balm of some kind makes application a lot easier.

Next up Wet n Wild single glitter in Binge.


I honestly don’t know how to describe this product. It’s glitter but it’s like a jelly buttery kind of consistency. To keep it real I don’t even like it and wish I would have left it on the shelf. It’s not typical glitter shadow. I assume that the formula is the way it is so it can actually stick to your eye lid but you get little to no product when swiping. This is with a brush, finger, or whatever you choose it picks up nothing. That being said this gets a thumbs down for me and honestly I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

Next up New Wet n Wild 5 pan eyeshadow palettes in 391A Art in the Streets and 395A The Naked Truth

Art in the Streets


This palette includes 5 matte bright and colorful shades. I wanna say these palettes are for Spring 2014 but I’m not sure. Anywho, it includes a purple, orange, yellow, green, and a blue. Now when first swatched they have a pretty decent color pay off but it’s just ok. However, when paired with a white or flesh toned base the completely pop. They are very beautiful colors. Now, I’m not great at eyeshadow application YET, but I can foresee me using these colors come summer time. It’s pretty good for the 5 or 6 bucks paid.

The Naked Truth


Ok, let me tell “the naked truth” this palette is by far the worse palette I have EVER purchased from wet and wild. The Vanity palette puts this palette to absolutely shame ok! I feel like it’s possible with some tlc and work it can be bumped up to mediocre however who has the time? It’s ok if you are beginning or if you have patients but no. It features a creamy shimmery beige, matte cream, matte chocolate brown (best shade in the palette), shimmery taupe, and a Bronzy antique gold shimmer shade. Bottom line I’m just not a fan.

Next up Wet n Wild Ultimate Minerals Bronzer in Ginger Glow


For me this could and would never be a Bronzer however it can and will be a highlighter. It a beautiful ginger brown shade. It’s highly pigmented an my plan is to mix it with a silicone based primer and smooth it ok my face to have a beautiful glow. Also, it was on sale so who’s mad?

Well that’s everything that I purchased on Friday from my local Walgreens. I hope you enjoyed this post and I’ll see you on my next one!!

Have you purchased any of these products?



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