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Hi…My name is TaNia and I’m a Shop-A-Holic

Candid Shot of Me
Candid Shot of Me

Hey lovebugs,

Sooo your girl went shopping and I wanted to share with you all what I purchased. Some of you may not know this about me but I can’t resist a good sale. Recently, Forever 21 had an AMAZING extra 50% off sale on their sale items. I saw that and I tell you I could not RESIST. Of course I did all my shopping from behind my computer because going to the mall is never an option for me. My level of patience for the mall scene died when I graduated high school and chilling at the mall all day was no longer an option. The crowds and the lines are just not for me. I did get 2 items from 2 other stores but I’m rambling so I’m gonna jump right into this.

First up is a shirt I purchased from GoJane a couple weeks ago.

SAM_0342This is a simply leopard (or some other spotted animal) shirt. It’s super comfy and I love that the print is only in the middle it’s not on the sleeves. This top is a cotton material and to be honest it’s a lot shorter then I thought it would be. I love it anyway though. It’s super trendy as well as comfy. Perfect to pair with ANY bottom. This is actually my OOTD as well. I paired it with the pink jeans, gold necklace, and black sparkle Uggs. A very simple outfit but super cute, at least I think so. I failed to mention the best part about this lovely shirt which is unfortunately sold out, it was only $5.00 usd. A steal right?

Click the Picture to Purchase
Click the Picture to Purchase

Next up is a super cute Tribal Print Batwing “Long” Sleeve cardigan. Now, I put long in quotations because it’s really not long sleeve. It doesn’t even hit my wrist. Even with it not being officially long sleeve I love it. I purchased this sweater from Sheinside which is a China based online shopping boutique. I have been eying, hearing, and reading all about Sheinside for quite sometime but had never purchased anything. I honestly couldn’t even tell you what prompted me to order from them earlier this month when I ordered this sweater. Yes I do…it was the fact that I have been wanting a sweater like this forever but had no desire to pay $40.00 for one. This beauty was retailed for $21.99 usd and the shipping was free. As a matter of fact their shipping is ALWAYS free no matter what you purchase.

Now on to the purchases from the magnificent sale that Forever 21 had last week.

Click the Picture to Puchase
Click the Picture to Purchase

This beautiful Baroque Sweatshirt is sooooo warm, soft, and cozy.  It was love at first sight. It’s absolutely fabulous. I love the fact that sweatshirts are on trend this season. They are coming in all flavors. This particular top can be dressed up or dressed down. I love it. I know that I have used to term love so much in this one little paragraph but there is no other word I can think of that will suffice. It’s just simply amazing. It actually looks super cute with the pink pants.

Click the picture to purchase
Click the picture to purchase

This beautiful 3 Quarter sleeve black and white Polka Dot Cardigan is soooo thick. It’s the perfect sweater to combat the 12 degree weather we have been having in Maryland. It comes with oversized shiny gold buttons and the lining appears to be made of sheer. Now, I must say I don’t care for the fact that they lined it with such a ridiculous material but I will totally get over it. It’s a great sweater and it is still on sale for $18.99 usd.

Click the Picture to Purchase
Click the Picture to Purchase

This fun little Too Cool Dinosaur sweater was simply irresistible to me. I saw the T-Rex with his cool shades on and I was sold. It’s the perfect piece for a super chill day when you just want comfort and style. I absolutely love it. It’s warm and cozy. It’s the perfect oversize. Not to big but not fitted either. It currently retails for 13.99.

Click the picture to purchase
Click the picture to purchase

This plaid Out West Button Down top is just too cute. Between the navy and pink color combo in addition to the corduroy detail gracing the shoulder area and across the top of the back #winning. I love it. It’s very comfy and plaid is soooooo on trend this year. Basically it’s perfect for a relaxing day of running to the mall or just running errands. It’s crazy that a good portion of what I have posted today actually matches my pink pants.

Sold Out :(
Sold Out 😦

This Fabulous Cross Print High-Low Shirt is soooo cute. I love the cross detailing and the fact that it is high-low. It is versatile in terms of the sleeves. It can be short sleeve or long sleeve. The material is sheer however with all of the colored details you can’t see a thing through this shirt. A black bra is all you will need

Back View

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Yes, the last item that will be featured.

Click the picture to purchase
Click the picture to purchase

This Fringe-Trimmed Southwestern Cardigan is listed as being Coral and White however, it looks pink to me. Nevertheless, it’s a very pretty sweater. It’s super soft and comfy. The material is great and the fringes just add so much life to this sweater. It’s an amazing sweater and I’m very glad that I purchased it. I can’t wait to pair this with well whatever I pair it with lol. It retails for $22.99 usd.

Woooo, ok so finally it’s the end. I’m sorry for this super long post but I hope you all enjoyed it. Keep in mind these were all sale items and can not be returned so I’m ecstatic that everything fit me.

Did you get anything from Forever 21’s recent sale or have you ever shopped at Sheinside? What was your experience with the China based store?

Until next time loves!



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