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Short Hair Don’t Care-Hairspiration

Hey boos,

While browsing through some blogs I came across the lovely Cristi Gold and she inspired me to do some “Hairspiration” post. I love love love having short hair but styles eventually are limited when you are like myself and don’t add any pieces. I’ve never been a weave kinda girl and to be clear I have no issue with those who do I just didn’t like it for me. Anyone, I’m tryna figure out what my next cut will be and I ran across this beauty.

Emili Sande!
Not only is she talented but she is beautiful. I absolutely LOVE her hair cut. She is my hairspiration for today.



Whose your hair crush?

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “Short Hair Don’t Care-Hairspiration

  1. Her hair is Everthing! I’ve always rocked and loved short hair myself. I’m also am not the weave type. I’ve been growing it out though being on this natural hair journey. Huh.. another story.
    By the way, nice blog. I’m about to follow you and also check you out on twitter. Happy blogging.


    1. Hey girl! I absolutely love short hair….it was the best decision I have ever made with exception of having to sit undergo dryer :(…thanks so much for reading and I’ll be sure to check out your blog as well!!


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