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February Favs

Hey fabbies, The month of February has been a doosy for those of us on the East Coast. With low temps, snow, and ice I have had no desire to really favor much but I did want to share with you the few things I did favor this month. 1. Sparkle Uggs Multi-Midnight|These are by… Continue reading February Favs

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Swatches…Milani L.E.: Rose Petal Powder Blush

Hey Fabsters, So as promised I’m back with both pictures and swatches of the 2 Milani Cosmetics Blushes that I purchased in: 06|Lady Rouge 07|Love Potion As you can see these are a beautiful color. The packaging is sleek and has the look of high end make up. Milani never disappoints in terms of packaging.… Continue reading Swatches…Milani L.E.: Rose Petal Powder Blush


One More Day….

So like the rest of America I love me some Scandal and I can’t wait for it to come back tomorrow. It’s been a LONGGGGGG a long time coming but I knoooooooooow Scandal gon come! This show is my guilty pleasure. Even though I hate that Kerry Washington is a mistress I can’t stop myself… Continue reading One More Day….

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L.E.: Milani Rose Petal Powder Blushes

Credit: Milani’s Instagram There baaaaaaacccckkkkkkkk!! Basically I’m on a roll this morning fabbies. A few months ago I can’t remember how many Milani Cosmetics released some limited edition 3D blushes. They were shaped like little roses and released in 4 shades. I wasn’t lucky enough to get my hands on any of them besides 1… Continue reading L.E.: Milani Rose Petal Powder Blushes


Random Rant: Snow Snow Go Away…..

Hey Fabsters, So is it OK with you guys if I take a second to vent? Yes? Great! Thanks! I’m soooooooo over this winter. I’m sick of snow boots, I’m sick of layers, I’m sick of coats, I’m SICK OF SNOW. Yes, ladies and gents I woke up to another day of snow. It snowed… Continue reading Random Rant: Snow Snow Go Away…..

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Spring in to Florals

Hey fabsters, I’m sooooo over this winter. Like the snow, the cold, the ice, the coats, the layers, they everything about winter I’m just over it. I love love love my Uggs but quite frankly I’m sick of wearing them. That being said I’m ready for some Spring Fabulousness (is that a word lol). Yesterday’s… Continue reading Spring in to Florals