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I believe in Karmah…Karmah Cosmetics!


Hey boos,

I hope you are all well and are just as ready for the weekend as I am. If  you have been following me you know I’m a lover of all things make up. While browsing through YouTube I came across MakeupbyNesha’s page. She is a very beautiful girl who offers make up looks with affordable products. Anywho, she is an ambassador for Karmah Cosmetics formerly known as Luxxor Cosmetics which is an up and coming make up line that features eyeshadows, pigments, and glitter among other things. They were having a sale at some point and I am a sucker for free shipping so I purchased and assortment of their pigment samples. SAM_0262This is the packaging for the samples. The jars are 3oz and you are given 1oz of product. To be honest that’s actually a fairly good amount considering we have M.A.C. pigments forever and don’t even put a dent in the product. We all know a little can often go a very long way. The packaging is just a simple clear plastic jar with the cutest little colored leopard print Karmah label. SAM_0263To be honest I took these pictures a while ago and have since obtained more pigments however, I felt like showing these 12 was enough. As you can see they are very beautiful colors and are all labeled by name on the bottom. SAM_0265The texture is very soft and to be honest can be EXTREMELY messy and the ones with glitter are really messy because it’s such a soft texture that it literally flies out the container when you open it.

SAM_0299 SAM_0298 SAM_0295 SAM_0293 SAM_0290 SAM_0288 SAM_0286 SAM_0284 SAM_0282 SAM_0280 SAM_0278


The pigmentation is great for the price point. I don’t have swatches but I am willing to do some if anyone wants me to. These Intense Pigment Samples Retail for $1.50usd but can be less then that on sale. If you would like to have the full size they are available as well for $5.50usd which to be honest is a steal for a good product. I am very much impressed and I totally recommend these to EVERYONE!

Do you like pigments? Have you ever purchased from Karmah?

Until next time babies….



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