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Milani Goodies…Lip Intense Liquid Colors

Milani Lip Intense Liquid Colors

Hey boos,

So after work today I traveled to Walgreen’s with the sole intention of getting the WetnWild Balm Stains and unfortunately they were sold out. Now, me being me there was no way I was leaving empty handed soooo I went to browsing. I was happy to find that they had 3 of the 4 NEW Milani Lip Intense Liquid Colors. They only had one of each color left so I snagged them all. I wish I had a little more control and had just grabbed the V-Day card I went to purchase also and left but noooooo I picked these up.

Milani Lip Intense Liquid Color

The Claim: Heavily pigmented high shine gloss with the longevity of a lipstick. Paraben-Free

Applicator: Dough Foot Applicator made of a sponge material. This applicator makes for fast, easy, and even application.

Smell: We all know that Milani is known for their tasty smelling products and this product did not fall short. These actually smell like cake batter to me and reminds of my child hood and the many times I got to lick the bowl LOL.

Swatches….milanilipintensepinkravePink Rave is a gorgeous pink shade that just screams…HELLO SPRING! It’s actually pretty daring especially with my complexion but I’m a risk taker. I also believe that you can make any shade work for you regardless of your complexion. So don’t be scurred girls.


Red Extreme is a fabulous red shade with what appear to be orange undertones. that screams heyyyyy happy hour! It’s wonderful actually and can be dressed up or dressed down. This is a universal shade and can work for everyone.


Last but not least is Violet Addict. It’s a gorgeous blue toned purple shade that can lean more pink depending on the lips it’s gracing. It may very well be my favorite. Unfortunately, I failed to snap a picture of the applicator for Violet Addict but they are all pretty much the same. Hopefully I’ll be able to snatch up Fiery Coral and the lip glosses this weekend.

The verdict: Well they are GREAT. They are extremely moisturizing and apply very well. They aren’t sticky and they are said to have amazing lasting power but that remains to be seen. After I used a wipe to remove Violet Addict I did find that my lips were stained a little pinkish red but that can be a good thing depending on who you are speaking to. These retail for $6.49usd and can be found at Walgreens or can be ordered here.

Did you purchase anything from the new Milani Collection? What do you think about them?

I hope you all enjoyed this post and until next time…


19 thoughts on “Milani Goodies…Lip Intense Liquid Colors

  1. ooo those colors are bold!

    I bought the new Milani lip glosses I think its called brilliant shine not sure, I like the colors but the formula is a little sticky but all in all I like them.


      1. I got ravish raspberry, it is such a pretty color and it shows up on my lips and my natural lips are so pigmented so I am impressed with any lippie product that shows up on my lips, the Milani brillant shine lip glosses are my life right now


      2. When I went to the store they were sold out they had one shade left on the shelf but were restocking so basically I’m impulsive so I will end up getting them all I’m sure lol. I heard good things about the nude shade Bare Secret.


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