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Beauty Haul!!!!

beautyhaulHey boos,

Since I’m home on this snowy day I figured why not take the time to share with you all some of the items I have purchased lately. I won’t waste much time, I’m just gonna jump right into it.

beauty haul

As you can see I really didn’t get much but what the hell you may still be interested. First up are these lip glosses from NANACOCO. I didn’t do lip swatches however, I did do hand swatches for all the products.

nanacocolipglossUnfortunately, the natural light produced by ALL the snow outside has completely washed out the colors. Luckily I was able to get better color with the flash in the pics below. hidden desire and city girl nana coco lip glossThey are both nude shades. City Girl is a very pinky nude and Hidden Desire is a nude with a browny beige undertone. They are both very creamy and easy to apply and the best thing about them is they are only $3.99 at my local BSS. If they are not sold in your area you can order them off line here.

To be honest I purchased these because unfortunately the infamous NYX  lip glosses don’t agree with my lips. It’s something in them that totally dries my lips out. Ok, I’m rambling. I purchased these to pair with the 2 nudish Matte Lipsticks I picked up also from my local BSS. I picked up NYX Butter Matte Lipstick and NYX Natural Lipstick. Is it safe to assume that NYX believes all natural lip colors are pink? Ypu can find these in your local BSS, Target, Ulta, and NYX

nyx butter and natural

While is Target the other day I picked up 2 of a new Maybelline Buffs Collection Lippies. I picked up 935 Sin-A-Mon which leans more towards the beige side of nudes and 940 Touchable Taupe which leans towards taupey brown. sin-a-mon and touchable taupePlease pardon the crunch’n munch box that’s my snow day snack lol.

They are both very beautiful nudes. This collection is amazing because it’s honestly a wide array of colors and every complexion can find their perfect nude. By perfect I mean you can just put it on your lips and go. Not the perfect nude that requires a brown liner to go with it but you need nothing but this lipstick. Well ladies and gentleman I found mine. Lemme first show them to you.  You can find these are your local drugstore as well as Walmart and Target. Just a tip they are $5.49 in Target which I believe is a little cheaper then they are in Walgreens.

touchabletaupe and sinamon maybelline swatches

Sin-A-Mon is not even close to being my shade. In fact I look like Pookie with sole the lipstick on but a brown liner can make that right. I ain’t even mad! Now, Touchable Taupe is absolutely MY SHADE! It’s the perfect nude for woman of color. It’s actually like a my lips but better color. I absolutely love it! It’s perfect. It kinda reminds me of Wet N Wild lipstick in Mocha-licious. It’s just a perfect color especially for us NW50 ladies.

Now you can’t have all these nudes with out the perfect brown lip liner. Which brings me to this Jordana Easy Liner for Lips lip liner in Coco Loco. It’s a gorgeous coffee brown. It’s not to dark not to light and *drum roll* it’s only $1.99usd on both the Jordana site as well as at Walmart or Kmart if you have one in your area. This product can be purchased here. jordana cocoloco It’s the perfect brown for your nudes, reds, or even your pinks. It will provide the perfect transition from your skin tone to your lip color. It glides on too. It’s not rough, doesn’t require a pencil sharpener, and it 1.99 what could be better?

My last 2 products are from The Body Shop. I picked up the Strawberry Body Butter as well as the Peach Lip Butter.

strawberry body butterpeach lip butter These products are absolutely amazing! I have been totally sleeping on The Body Shop. I’ve always eyed their products but I just never took the plunge and boy was in bliss at the bottom. The body butter not only smelled good but it was so very soft. I plan to get the full container as soon as this one is gone. I need a product that would leave me soft and without ash. Anything that will keep me anti-grey all day is a winner in my book. The Peach Lip Butter was “Jesus Take the Wheel” amazing. It’s so creamy and leaves my lips feeling extremely hydrated and soft to mention it smells like GOD himself whipped it up and handed it to me. You can purchase these products here (the body butter) and here.

You all know I love to ramble but I hope you all enjoyed this post anyway. Every girl loves a good haul at least I do. I hope all of you East Coasters and Mid-Westerns are staying both safe and warm!

Have you purchased any of these products? What do you think of them? Let me know down below.

Until next time loves,

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