East Coast Woes Episode 2

Baltimoresnowstorm2014Hey boos,

*SINGING* I woke up to this, I woke up to this! Yes y’all the East Coast is being hit and I do mean hit hard with a winter blast. We are getting a mix of Snow, Sleet, and Rain. Geez Mother Nature you gotta chill and I don’t mean in the air! This is just crazy. As you can see I reside on a really small street which doesn’t get the attention it needs in regards to plowing. I do live off a main street that will get cleared but the problem is getting to the end of my street.

baltimoreblast2014It’s a struggle on a Thursday morning. Thankfully, my job closed today but what does that mean for tomorrow? It means if I can’t get out I can’t get out. It’s doesn’t get any simpler then that. The down side to this is my boo thang doesn’t have the luxury of simply staying home because the weather is bad. He is still expected to report to work and on time no less. It baffles me how the big wigs in corporations are home in these situations but, expect their minions to report on time and be prepared to work. They pretend as if they are oblivious to the elements and expect you to get to work anyway you can, whether you have a vehicle equipped to handle it or not. Then when you don’t report they give you an occurrence or in his case points. They expect you to make it even when your car is buried just like this…winterblast2014It’s unfortunate when people are so greedy they can show no concern for the people who keep their business going. This winter has been an absolute horror. I’m truly not about this snow life. It really stops being “cool” or “great” when “Baltimore County Schools are closed” no longer concerns or includes you. I loved the snow as a kid however, in my adult hood it’s nothing but a pain in the ass umm butt. I can’t with cleaning off my car and shoveling out and all that jazz. It’s just not for me. My solution for a day like this is comfy fuzzy socks and my cozy pajama dress with some snacks and my TV!SAM_0411Anyone on the east coast from North to South and I’m sure the Midwest as well STAY WARM!! Is it snowing in where you are? Let me know below!

Until next time….

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18 thoughts on “East Coast Woes Episode 2

  1. I completely agree with you, it’s really terrible that a lot of employers show no concern for the people who keep their business going and make it successful. I must say that I am an overachiever at times, however, in life I’ve learned that nothing (especially a job) is worth putting my life or property in harms way. An employer that wants that type of devotion is not the employer for me.

    Truthfully, with many employers, if you crash your car on the way to work because of snow or ice, you’re likely to get fired simply for your inability to report to work for days or weeks. How fair is that? So my sentiment is that, I can’t risk driving on icey roads to comply with my employer’s expectations, just to get into an accident that will put me and/or my car out of commission for a while and, ultimately, get me fired.

    And, you make a great point that a lot of employers have this expectation of their employees to report to work no matter the weather/road conditions while they are in the comfort of their homes. But, I guess that’s why their the boss huh?!


    1. You are so right. The said truth is most of us need our jobs so we do what we have to in order to maintain stability. It’s just totally unfair that we are expected to get there the best way we can regardless of the circumstances. Clearly, I’m at home today but my manager misses loads of time because she has kids so she isn’t hard on us in regards to missing time which I am truly thankful for. I feel bad for the people who don’t have this option. I’m not willing to die to get to work.


    1. My BFF lives in Atlanta know and she has been telling me about the issues you guess are facing. We got about 7 inches today in Baltimore and there is a plan to have more but our city is equipped to handle these situations with loads of plow trucks and salt trucks. Hopefully, they are able to restore power and clear all your roads and things soon. I was super happy when I was outside and a plow truck actually came down my street. That NEVER HAPPENS because my street is so small.


  2. I just had this same discussion with “big poppa” (lol)… He works for a production company and of course “the show must go on” but I’m worried because it’s not safe for him to be driving in all this craziness!


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