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How To: Lip Exfoliation ft Frozen Margarita Lip Scrub

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Hey lovelies,

I wanted to share with you all what I do to get baby soft lips. So if you would like to see how I go from


then open me up and keep on reading….

When wearing lip products of any kind really but especially matte lip products it is extremely important to exfoliate your lips. Now exfoliating is one of the cheapest things you can do beauty wise because you can find products for a DIY version in your very own kitchen. I’ll save the D.I.Y. lip scrub for another day but today I’m gonna show you my lip scrub from Karmah Cosmetics named Frozen Margarita.

le2karmah cosmetics lip scrub

I use this product pretty much every other day to keep my lips baby soft and non-cracked. I mean really don’t you just hate when you are talking to someone and they have skin hanging off their lips? Just YUCK!

     This is a super easy product to use and it takes about 4 steps.


1. Pinch a little of the scrub onto on your finger and place it all over your lip. It doesn’t take much product.karmah cosmetics lip scrub

2. Take your finger or a baby or adult toothbrush (I recommend a babies toothbrush because the bristles aren’t as harsh) and rub  your finger/toothbrush all over your lips until all of the dead skin is lifted.


3.  Use damp rag (warm water) or baby towel and wipe away the scrub. If all the dead skin is off proceed to step 4. If all skin is not removed repeat steps 1-3.20140215-100212.jpg

4. Place your favorite lip balm, Vaseline, chap stick or lip butter on your newly smooth lips. 20140215-100212.jpg

 Tip: If you do not have a lip exfoliator (E.L.F. has an amazing one for $3.00) then you can mix a little suger (white or brown), a little honey, and a little castor or extra virgin olive oil).

I hope you all found some enjoyment in this quick “How To” and I’m sure most of you even knew about this however, I wanted to share anyway. Thanks for reading and until next time…..

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2 thoughts on “How To: Lip Exfoliation ft Frozen Margarita Lip Scrub

  1. I love this!! I had no idea there were scrubs specifically for lips. I take a lot of pride in my lips and try to keep them as smooth, soft, and as luscious as possible! I use various lip products from cocoa butter/vaseline combos to shea butter for lips. But, of all the lips tips I’ve heard, this is by far one of my favorites! Thanks for sharing your secret lip tips!!!


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