Feb Ipsy 2013


Hey boos,

So I finally received my February Ipsy Bag. Let me first apologize for the pictures because the flash was the devil. Anyhow, this bag was super cute…really love inspiring. I love the shade of pink. The inside of the bag was lined with pink leopard. Sooooo CUTE!



This bag included:

City Color Cosmetics Blush-DragonFruit

Zoya Nail Polish-Odette (Muted Grey Purple)

Pop Beauty Lip Gloss-Fuchsia Freesia

‘Tini Beauty Shadow Tint-Ambrosia

Skin Rescue Deep Cleaners w/ Red Clay

zoyanailpolishodetteSAM_0531SAM_0533SAM_0529SAM_0538Again please forgive me for the flash.

Below you will find swatches of the above products.SAM_0527If you are on a laptop tilt your screen back and you will have a better view of the colors. I know I’m asking a lot so sorry.

Overall this bag was ok…I didn’t care to much for last months bag at all but I won’t complain. You really can’t get mad when you get about $60.00 worth of product for about $10.00.

What did you get in your Ipsy bag this month?

17 thoughts on “Feb Ipsy 2013

    1. It’s GREAT! For $10usd even if I hate the bag for one month I can’t even get upset because of the price. I fully recommend it. It is interesting when I see what other people get in their bag.


      1. I tested that cream eye shadow and it’s amazing! I looked it up they retail for $18….I wanted to do the polish this week but forgot to take it to the nail shop with me :/


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