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Stripes for Spring

Hey Fabbies,

From the ticker on my blog spring is fast approaching. This winter has been HELL! We are all grown here so I’m sure you don’t mind my use of hell because there is no other word I can find to describe what it is. I mean it’s just been one winter blast after another. I can’t wait until I can put on some open toed shoes. Anywho, I have recently fallen in love with stripes. stripesCredit: SheInside for photos

I love stripes. These are a few of the pieces that I would love to see land in my closet sooner rather then later. I love the chic look that stripes can give off but we have to be careful because sometimes stripes can give off the illusion that we are bigger then we are. This is a pattern that never dies and can be worn ALL year long. Perfect for Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall.

What are your thought on stripes? Let me know in the comments.

Until next time stay Live, Love, and Be Fabulous!


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