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Spring in to Florals


Hey fabsters,

I’m sooooo over this winter. Like the snow, the cold, the ice, the coats, the layers, they everything about winter I’m just over it. I love love love my Uggs but quite frankly I’m sick of wearing them. That being said I’m ready for some Spring Fabulousness (is that a word lol). Yesterday’s Spring look featured stripes today we will Spring into Florals. floralsCredit: Agaci Store for dresses

There’s nothing like a beautiful Floral dress and some cutsey sandals with a nice bag to match. I’ll admit I wasn’t always Pro-Floral. I used to feel like a floral dress or top would make me look like a garden because let’s be honest I’m not a size 2. However, over the past year or so I have come to love floral and all that it has to offer. I think everyone needs the perfect floral print dress to kick off this upcoming spring!

That’s all for now…I hope you guys enjoyed this short but sweet post.

Are you a lover of floral prints? Let me know below.

Until next time…

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