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L.E.: Milani Rose Petal Powder Blushes

milani rose petal blush

Credit: Milani’s Instagram

There baaaaaaacccckkkkkkkk!!

Basically I’m on a roll this morning fabbies. A few months ago I can’t remember how many Milani Cosmetics released some limited edition 3D blushes. They were shaped like little roses and released in 4 shades. I wasn’t lucky enough to get my hands on any of them besides 1 and unfortunately it was too light so I gifted it to someone else. Welllllll, ladies and maybe gents they are back. Milani has come back with a new release with new colors and yes they are available for online purchase only (for now).

“A luxurious matte powder blush that features rose petals micro-milled into the powder to bring out the natural rosy tones. This blush is multi-purpose: use to shape, contour, and highlight your face. It is easy to use and streak-free. Suitable for all skin types and tones. “

Credit (pictures and statement): Milani Cosmetics

The blushes come in 4 different colors.

milani coral cove05|Coral Cove

milani lady roughe

06|Lady Rouge

milani love potion

07|Love Potion

milani tea rose

08|Tea Rose

Aren’t these colors just gorge? Milani is known for having drugstore priced products comparable to high in products. From the sleek and fancy schmancy packaging (always a suck for pretty packaging) to the quality of the products. You get a great bang for your buck. As previously stated these are not available in stores yet but will be in March. However, you don’t have to wait to get cho fab on with these blushes. They are now available in the Limited Edition area on Milani’s website. I saw this and immediately went to place my order.

Retail: 7.99

Net Weight: 0.60 OZ/ 17g
Did I mention they are a very beautiful MATTE finish? Milani did an amazing job with these. I did receive mine but I have not taken any pictures yet but don’t fret I will. I did swatch them and the pigmentation is amazing. I will save the deets on that for another post.
I really hope that you enjoyed this post and check back soon for those swatches and pictures of the 2 blushes I purchased.
Do you like Milani products? Will you be purchasing this blush? Let me know down below.
Until next time….
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