One More Day….


So like the rest of America I love me some Scandal and I can’t wait for it to come back tomorrow. It’s been a LONGGGGGG a long time coming but I knoooooooooow Scandal gon come! This show is my guilty pleasure. Even though I hate that Kerry Washington is a mistress I can’t stop myself from watching. It really did get real on the winter finale so I will be tuned in tomorrow night. Don’t call me, don’t text me, don’t ask me any questions #I’mbusy!


I just can’t wait. I have fallen is such deep love with this show. Season 1 I really just watched on a whim right before Season 2 started. I was home and bored with netflix so from there my love for Scandal was born. Shonda Rhimes is a dramatic prime time genius. I have a love for Grey’s Anatomy as well so that is were I’ll be tomorrow night.


UGH! The anticipation is killing me and thanks to Hulu Plus if I do for some reason miss the action I can tune in tomorrow morning. Thank you Hulu Gawds!

Will you be tuning in for the Spring Premier of Scandal?


11 thoughts on “One More Day….

      1. We just finished binge watching The Breaking Bad so my bf and I are looking to start a new series, I’ll recommend this.. I hope he doesn’t think it’s a girly show 😛


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