Random Rant: Snow Snow Go Away…..


Hey Fabsters,

So is it OK with you guys if I take a second to vent? Yes? Great! Thanks! I’m soooooooo over this winter. I’m sick of snow boots, I’m sick of layers, I’m sick of coats, I’m SICK OF SNOW. Yes, ladies and gents I woke up to another day of snow. It snowed yesterday as well. Granted, it’s really not enough snow to call for the use of a shovel but I did have to use my brush to clean off my car. I’m just so sick of it being cold. We haven’t had a real winter in 2 years. The winter prior to our 2 year break we were hit with 3 blizzards back to back and received a staggering 72″ of snow that season. It was a mess. Of course this winter has not been as bad but it’s been bad enough to be annoying. I’m just tired of it. I wanna wear sunnies, I want to wear sandals, hell I want to open my sunroof. It’s just simply driving me insane that we are continuously getting snow. I’m tired of seeing it. I look back on my child hood and I absolutely loved the snow. Nothing made me happier in the winter months then seeing snow. I honestly think that was because snow often meant snow days. That was before I had to go to work in it, before I had to drive in it, and before the snow closing schools meant nothing to me. I don’t want to feel like I hate winter but really I do. It’s crazy because no matter where you live you get some form of natural disaster. The South is warm all year long for the most part but they are getting snow too and get boat loads of rain and hail. Farther South they get tropical storms, hurricanes and tornadoes. The Mid-West get’s the worse winters imaginable plus they are in “Hurricane Alley”. Up North have winters worse then ours. The West Coast…lawd lawd lawd. I know that it’s beautiful in Cali and you have warm weather all year long as well but you can keep the Earthquakes, the Mud Slides, and the Wild Fires. I honestly think that I’m in a central area in terms of weather. We get super hot summers, nice springs, pretty falls, and the winter can go either way. Needless to say, I’M SICK OF WINTER!!!!!


Shout out to the jerks who are to lazy to remove all the snow off their car then ride in front of my with it blowing off on to my car. And to the SUV drivers who think that they are a match for ice…Y’ALL GOTTA CHILL!!

I hope I didn’t bore you all with my random rant and I know there are soooo many things I can simply be thankful for but today was my day to give a random rant.

Until next time……


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