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February Favs

monthly favorites

Hey fabbies,

The month of February has been a doosy for those of us on the East Coast. With low temps, snow, and ice I have had no desire to really favor much but I did want to share with you the few things I did favor this month.

february favorites

1. Sparkle Uggs Multi-Midnight|These are by far my favorite pair of Uggs yet. It’s almost like they have more cushion or something. Basically on those bone chilling cold days these have been my friend. Also, they are reversible! How cool is that? You swipe the sequence one way and they are navy blue, you swipe them the other direction and they are silver. You can purchase a similar pair here or here.

2. Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate|Along with my Uggs I have been loving hot chocolate more then usual these days. As I said it’s been frigged and I need anything that can help me get some warmth in my life. I ain’t about this cold weather life lol.

3. OKF Aloe Juice| Now, I have been tryna eat and drink better so I have sworn off soda. I drink more water as well but sometimes I need some taste that’s not a flavor pack inside a bottle of water. That being said meet by favorite non water drink Aloe. Mow, when people first see this drink their first thought is always “ewww what is that?”. It’s a sip of heaven. With very little calories and the main ingredient (possibly artificial) is Aloe which is supposed to be good for your digestive system. They come in multiple flavors and are filled with pulp so if you don’t like pulp then steer clear. If you are OK with pulp then try these babies out. You won’t be disappointed.

4. Proactiv Plus Complexion Perfecting Hydrator| So, again with this winter blast my skin which is normally an oil slick is now dry as a desert. It’s that tight kind of dry too. Ugh it just makes me cringe thinking about it. This baby here has been a GOD send. It’s the perfect amount of hydration without leaving that greasy feeling behind. While I haven’t seen the results that I was hoping for with Proactiv Plus as a whole I am very happy with this product. It also has ingredients to help combat your acne and fade dark marks.

5. The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask| You guys should know from previous post that I am always battling skin issues. It’s like nothing I do seems to work so I’m always willing to try something new. I love my HG mask by Queen Helene but this mask is coming in close second. Do I think that it does all of what it says? No. Do I think it leaves my skin soft and not super tight when I remove it? Yup! It’s a great mask and you get a pretty good amount of product for the money. I believe it retails for $15 however, The Body Shop is always having a sale of some sort. Be on the look out for a full review and maybe a demo on this product.

As you can see I didn’t have very many favorites this month. I have been a hermit due to this weather so I haven’t worn make up and in an attempt to save money I haven’t been buying to many products to even try.

What are you favorites for this month? Have you tried any of these items or own any of them (besides hot chocolate)?

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Until next time…




5 thoughts on “February Favs

  1. I plan to do a vid of my favorites tomorrow ::crosses fingers:: I love my Uggs and hot chocolate. I use 1 Proactive product to spot treat pimples, other than that it dries me out. Never heard of the the mask but will look for it. Thanks for sharing.


    1. I’ll be sure to check out your video…which product do you use to spot treat? Uggs and cocoa are a life saved with this weather. You’re welcome and thanks for reading 🙂


      1. Oh yea I use that and your right it does dry up pimples almost over night. I use it right before bed and when I wake up in the morning I can see a real difference.


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