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Need a Glow…I Got a Glow w/Milani Bronzer


Hey Fabsters,

I recently purchased the Milani Cosmetics Bronzer in Golden and I must say I am happy I purchased it. You all know that I am a drugstore girl at heart so I’m always excited about new products. As usually Milani doesn’t disappoint in terms of packaging. This bronzer comes in the signature golden packaging….

which includes a clear casing in order to see the color of the product, a small mirror and a mini brush (I don’t use this).




This bronzer is of course baked and it has that marblized looked to it. It’s described as a  Golden Tan shade with finely milled golden shimmer in it. milanibakedblushingolden milanigoldenbronzeswatchIt’s a very soft texture which makes blending a very easy task. I think this product would be perfect to give you that summer time glow ALL year long. Above you see that I picked up a little product on my finger and that was just one swipe. That is great pigmentation for one swipe. I also did a hand swatch to show you what it looks like on skin both with just a swipe of product as well as with it blended. The blending was done with my finger and not with a make up brush. milanigoldenbakedbronzerOnce on the skin and blended it gives a rose golden look which I think is workable on EVERY skin tone. As you can see it gives a beautiful sheen and would be the perfect year long go. I can’t wait to rock this in the summer months. It will give off the perfect sunkissed look. If you are interested you can purchase this at your local Walgreens, CVS, Walmart (I believe) or here. This product is also available in 2 other shades Glow and Soleil.

Do you own any Milani Bronzers? What is your favorite bronzer either high end or drugstore?

I hope you enjoyed this post. As always thanks for reading! Until next time….20140302-082201.jpg

11 thoughts on “Need a Glow…I Got a Glow w/Milani Bronzer

  1. Looks really pretty! And I have to say it’s nice to hear about someone else being a drugstore person at heart. I feel like I am too. High end stuff is just SO expensive and if I had to depend on it for makeup, I’d definitely have more of a naked face more often!


    1. My make up collection would be practically empty if I purchased all high end stuff. I’m not into labels so I don’t care much about how much or how little I paid for something I care about the quality of it.


    1. I wanna grabbed those 2 blushes and I finally picture to 2 of the new glosses and sadly I didn’t like them but in not sure if it was because my lips were dry. I’m going to try again though


      1. when I first tried the glosses I did not like them because of the formula it was a little too thick and sticky, but I have gotten use to them, I use a lip balm before I apply them, I think that helps


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