Random Rant: Another Snow Day


Hey fabs,

So let me just say that the East Coast was hit with yet another snow blast that shut down a good portion of the city. I’m just sitting here like enough is enough Mother Nature. I mean geez! Can we get a break!?! Are you crank or something? Is it your time of the month? Why must we get so much bad weather? I can’t quite figure out if I hate winter in general or if it’s just the elements that fall out the sky that piss me off. I’m spending my life in the house.


I’m sick of looking at the walls. I sick of shoveling snow. Most of all I’m sick of having to clean off my car and break a sweat while doing it because I’m so layered. UGH I’m just over it!!! I’m just sooooooooo


Forgive me for my random rant but I needed to get this off my chest! Is anyone else over this weather?


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