What I’m Listening to vol. 2



Hey fabbies,

So I’m back with “What I’m Listening To”. This weeks album is an oldie but goodie. The classic album of the self-proclaimed King Bey. Before she was Drunk in Love she was very Dangerously In Love.


Miley eat your heart out…the original twerkers!

Now, this was one of my FAVORITE albums to play constantly back then. This is real and true R&B in my opinion. Going back to this album has let me know that Beyonce has evolved so much over the years voice wise. The quality of her voice has gone from a talented young girl to an amazing and wider ranged grown woman.  This album released June 2003 shortly after my high school graduation. It brings back sooooo many memories. Bey looks fabulous on the cover. She was clearly a lot younger and stepping on on her own. The first Solo Album Post-Destiny’s Child.


This album features 15 songs which include collabs with  from her now husband Jay-Z and the legendary Luther Vandross amongst others. I miss this kind of music.

listen   1. Crazy In Love [Clean] Beyoncé feat. Jay-Z 3:56 $1.29  Buy MP3 
listen   2. Naughty Girl Beyonce 3:28 $1.29  Buy MP3 
listen   3. Baby Boy [Clean] Beyoncé featuring Sean Paul 4:04 $1.29  Buy MP3 
listen   4. Hip Hop Star [Clean] Beyoncé featuring Big Boi and Sleepy Brown 3:42 $0.99  Buy MP3 
listen   5. Be With You [Clean] Beyonce 4:20 $0.99  Buy MP3 
listen   6. Me, Myself And I [Clean] Beyonce 5:01 $1.29  Buy MP3 
listen   7. Yes [Clean] Beyonce 4:19 $0.99  Buy MP3 
listen   8. Signs [Clean] Beyoncé featuring Missy Elliott 4:58 $0.99  Buy MP3 
listen   9. Speechless [Clean] Beyonce 6:00 $0.99  Buy MP3 
listen 10. That’s How You Like It [Clean] Beyoncé feat. Jay-Z 3:39 $0.99  Buy MP3 
listen 11. The Closer I Get to You Luther Vandross featuring Beyonce Knowles 4:57 $0.99  Buy MP3 
listen 12. Dangerously In Love Beyonce 4:53 $1.29  Buy MP3 
listen 13. Beyoncé Interlude [Clean] Beyonce 0:16 $0.99  Buy MP3 
listen 14. Gift From Virgo [Clean] Beyonce 2:43 $0.99  Buy MP3 
listen 15. Daddy [Clean] Beyonce 5:00 $0.99  Buy MP3 

Credit: Amazon.Com

If you are interested in reliving this album with me you can get it here or download it by song up above. Yes, I am old fashion and still use my CD player (in the car).

I hope you all enjoy these post. Lemme know if you love you some King Bey!

Until next time….20140302-082201.jpg

7 thoughts on “What I’m Listening to vol. 2

  1. girl! i am a certified member of the BeyHive and still listen to this album… she has definitely grown vocally and in her writing ability.


  2. I was like in middle school when this came out! My mother had the CD but I listened to it religiously! So many great songs.


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