Short Hair Don’t Care Vol. 3


Hey fabs,

I’m back with another edition of Short Hair Don’t Care and today’s post features the very beautiful Chrisette Michelle.chrisetteshorthairChrisette7For those of you who aren’t familiar this beautiful is an American Artist with one of the most soulful voices of our time. Granted, she doesn’t get nearly as much shine as she deserves those of us who love her keep up with her recent music.

Since her start back in June 2007 she has done many things with her hair which started long (a weave I believe but I’m not certain)


She then took the plunge into I’m sure relaxed short hair. chrisette2chrisette5chrissette4chrissette1   Adding color on occasion and trendy styles looked amazing on her. Short hair is perfect for that beautiful face. After this like many of you Miss Chrisette did the “Big Chop”. I personally tip my hat to you ladies who are brave enough to go that route.


This low cut looks AMAZING on her. To me she is just a beauty. I’m a big fan of natural make up and whomever did her make up for the above picture did an awesome job! Anywho, over the years she has Transitioned from one style to another and landed in the land of Natural Sistas. Chrisette6 Chrisette7

Credit: Google Search of Chrisette Michele with short hair for pics

Simply beautiful. She has mad every hairstyle work and gave it her own pizazz. Not everyone can pull off a high top fade but she made it work.

Chrisette Michele my hairspiration for today!

I hope you all enjoy these post. Who is your hairspiration? Let me know below.

Until next time fabsters…20140302-082201.jpg

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