What I’m Listening To Vol. 3


Hey Fabbies,

So I’m back with this weekends volume of “What I’m Listening To” and this weeks feature is Miss Ashanti’s album Braveheart.


Credit: Google Ashanti Braveheart search

Doesn’t she just look amazing on this cover? Her eye make up is just….YES!!!

I have been rocking with her since she was singing about being happy!ashanti-o

Ashanti has been around for quite a few years and while I’m sure a lot of folks may not be checkin’ I don’t buy into this new age music hype about who is or isn’t relevant. I personally feel like just because you aren’t in the public eye ALL the time doesn’t mean you still can’t make good music. While I personally don’t feel like vocally she is the greatest I can’t and won’t deny her ability to write good music. I can also applaud anyone who can put out music on a “major” label but then branch out on their own and start there own label and release music that way as well. A “vet” in the music industry with 12 years under her belt Ashanti did not disappoint with her recently released 5th album Brave Heart but the first for her label “Written Entertainment“. To me, it’s true and genuine R & B with a mixture or ballads, mellow music, and club bangers all wrapped up in one. The sequence of the album was perfectly orchestrated and I loved it at first listen about a week before it’s release on a Pandora preview.

Track List and Purchase

listen   1. Intro / Braveheart [Explicit] 5:23 $0.99  Buy MP3 
listen   2. No Where [Explicit] 3:02 $0.99  Buy MP3 
listen   3. Runaway [Explicit] 3:10 $0.99  Buy MP3 
listen   4. Count [Explicit] 2:53 $0.99  Buy MP3 
listen   5. Early In The Morning (feat. French Montana) [Explicit] 4:07 $0.99  Buy MP3 
listen   6. 3 Words [Explicit] 3:23 $0.99  Buy MP3 
listen   7. Love Games (feat. Jeremih) [Explicit] 4:12 $0.99  Buy MP3 
listen   8. Scars [Explicit] 5:49 $0.99  Buy MP3 
listen   9. Never Should Have [Explicit] 3:58 $0.99  Buy MP3 
listen 10. She Can’t [Explicit] 3:44 $0.99  Buy MP3 
listen 11. Don’t Tell Me No [Explicit] 3:49 $0.99  Buy MP3 
listen 12. I Got It (feat. Rick Ross) [Explicit] 4:06 $0.99  Buy MP3 
listen 13. First Real Love (feat. Beenie Man) / Outro [Explicit] 4:54 $0.99  Buy MP3 


With 13 songs and a few collabs Ashanti game back with a bang. Kudos to you for making this happen and putting out what I personally was longing for. A REAL R&B sound. If you would like to purchase this album you can do so here.  Clearly this is not a kid friendly album while it isn’t too bad it clearly states that its explicit.

Do you have this album or any other Ashanti album? What are your thoughts? Let me know below.


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I hope you all enjoyed this post and until next time…

Stay Fabulous20140301-072806.jpg

4 thoughts on “What I’m Listening To Vol. 3

    1. She has…she recently did a radio interview and they asked were she has been the last few years and she said “writing for other artist and building her label” so she has been playing the background


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