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The Balm Nude’Tude Palette


Hey Fabbies,

I finally got it!! I have been wanting the Balm Cosmetics Nude’Tude palette for quite sometime. Me being the drugstore lover that I am and not really being much of a eye shadow user wasn’t interested in forking over the $36.00 price tag :/ cheap I know. But, then there was Haute Look. For those of you who don’t know what Haute Look is, it’s a website that has a variety of items available in flash sales. The sales are posted I think every 2 days and you have to catch it while they have it because you can blink and it’s gone. That being said I have been waiting for Haute Look to bring the Balm back and it finally happened about 2 weeks ago. Now, to be clear I do like Haute Look but the length of time it takes them to ship you your items is ridiculous! Anywho, when I saw both on Pascha of The Posh Blog instagram as well as in my email that the Balm was back I jumped right on it!


I managed to snag this baby for $20 I believe. This was including shipping if I’m not mistaken. This palette is available with 2 different package pictures. You can get the Nice version which is pictured above or the Naughty Version which is pictured below. Each palette contains the same 12 colors which features IMO 6 satin, 4 matte, and 2 shimmers. (I suck at describing colors, textures, and the like). nudetudeSo let’s get into this.THEBALMNUDETUDEPALETTEnudetudeswatches3nudetudeswatches2nudetudeswatches

All swatches are just one swipe. My camera washed out quite a big of the color but you can still see that this palette has really good pigmentation. The colors are very easy to blend and this is the perfect palette for travel because it’s enough mattes and shimmers alike to make the perfect look happen. I’m sorry I’m not going into full detail about each color but I’m sick but I wanted to get this up. I hope you enjoyed it.

Do you have this palette? Are you a memeber of Haute Look?




I managed to sna

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