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Saturday Night’s Selfies (FOTN)


Hey fabbies!!

Just wanted to share some selfies I took last night while playing in make up!



That glow you see it brought to you by E.L.F.’s Gotta Glow blush!!! Basically it’s awesome sauce!!


That’s a close up of my eye!! Neutral colors with a pop of color on the lower lash line…gotta love that wing liner!!

I rarely show pictures of myself and after my make up play I felt like I should share these pictures with no filter!! Just myself and my make up!!

Until next time fabs…stay fabulous!


15 thoughts on “Saturday Night’s Selfies (FOTN)

    1. Thanks dooll…I promise you I’m an amateur at eyeshadow. I literally have no idea what I’m doing LOL. It’s trial and error though. Keep at it I’m sure you aren’t as bad at it as you think. I have hooded eyelids so doing eyeshadow is a task for me. Thanks for reading 🙂


      1. I use gel liner. I have noooooo luck with a pencil on my lid so I stick with gel. I use either Maybelline, Wet n Wild, ELF or (my fav) Ruby Kisses. I find that it gives me more control. In terms of something that you can smoke out I would use a Kohl liner it’s soft enough to smudge and when sharp can give a precise line.

        Love you blog btw you are a very fly lady 🙂


      2. Aw thank you!!

        So Gel is where it’s at. Got it! I’ll just have to grab a glass of wine and kill an hour in front of my mirror to practice. I *really* do want to figure it out lol. Everyone and their mama knows how to do it but me!



      3. I play in make up quite often. It’s honestly the only time I wear it when I’m playing in the house. I never wear any eye make up short of winged liner outside LOL. It’s a crying shame. Learning to do a wing is the made easy with just a strip of tap (if this is something you wanna do). In my mind I’m going to post pictures of how to do it but in real life I’m lazy and it will take me forever to get to it. I got faith that YOU CAN DO IT!!! Gel liner gave me new life hunni!


      4. I doooooo!

        I wanna know how to do the winged look but I can never seem to make it even. Like one eye would be perfect but the other is a mess. Looks like I’m crying out of one eye lol. Would I need something other than the Kohl liner to do it? Is there an easy way to do it? Like a wing-liner for dummies? lol



      5. HAHAHAH!! Try a felt tip liner like Maybelline Line Stiletto, L.A. Girl Fine Liner, or Jordana has a felt tip liner. Pop some tape on your face and you are good to go. The tape helps to give a straight line. Matter this video will help (it’s not me lol)
        I swear by gel liner but I learned using felt tip liners. It looks like a marker. I still have issues with getting them easy but hell if someone is staring hard enough to notice then I should slap them anyway LOL. Just remember your winged liner are sisters and not twins its damn near impossible for them to be perfect.


      6. That happens for me every blue moon. It’s usually a struggle to get them even close to perfect and then I simply give up smh. Let me know if you get it


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