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March Beauty Favorites

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Hey fabbies,

I swear it seems like this month just flew by. Seems like only yesterday I was posting Feb Favorites! Clearly I didn’t have may favorites this month especially in the make up department because if you know me you know I rarely wear make up. It was suggested to me that I post more beauty pictures and it’s coming as soon as I get my lighting right.  Anywho, I’m rambling so let’s just get right into it!

1. Bath and Body Works Carried Away Body Wash|This is my favorite spring and summer scent. It’s so light, sweet and airy. It’s just a bottle of amazement! It does have a full collection and I do have the lotion too which I love however, it wasn’t a favorite for the month. This can be purchased here. It retails for 12.00 however B&BW is ALWAYS having a sale of some sort.

2.  M A C Prep & Prime Highlighter Pen in Peach Lustre| This product is absolutely amazing. It gives the perfect natural highlighter. Again, I rarely wear make up of even kind besides some gloss on my lips however, whenever I do have a full face I wear this product in all areas I want to highlight. The best part about it is, it has the orange undertone so it works well for color correcting. This is a must have for my deeper toned fabbies! This product can be purchased here. It retails for 25.00 and IMO money well spent.

3. Milani Brilliant Shine Lip Gloss in Coral Crush| This gloss is the perfect gloss for ANY complexion. It’s the prettiest shade of Coral which if you have pigmented lips it does a great job with color correction. It’s sheer coverage but it very much buildable. To be honest, when I first tested these products I was not impressed with the formula however, I realized I needed to moisturize my lips prior to application.  It has a dough foot applicator and it does fade after a few hours however, it does leave your lips moist once it fades. The formula is thick and a little tacky but that helps with lasting time. It’s not over the top sticky like *cough* mac lip glass *cough* however once you rube your lips to blend there is a bit of a tacky feeling. (Review/swatches on these coming soon) This gloss can be found at Walgreens, K-Mart. CVS, and hereThey retail for $5.49 and come in 14 colors.

4. Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Perfume| Where do I began with this perfume. I absolutely HATE the scent of flowers! Did I shock you? Girls just love flowers however, I don’t. I like to look at them but it ends there.  However, the infamous Flowerbomb has the lightest and freshest scent ever! It’s a lovely fragrance and to be clear when I first purchased this product I used it everyday. I had to stop myself because the product is not cheap. It’s just an amazing scent. Perfect for daytime and night time. It’s VERY feminine. The price point ranges from $50-$165. It can be purchased here.

5. Lush Mask of Magnaminty| I am above impressed with this product. Like way passed the point of impressed. I have used a many of face products because I have been battling acne since middle school and I’m 28 and still struggling.  Well, I was until I invested in this baby. I won’t go into full detail because it is the Product of the Month and my plan is to review it soon. I’ll just say it’s amazing and my skin hasn’t been this clear in ages. Even my boo was like “damm babe you found something that works”. That I did. If you are familiar with Lush products you  know that they don’t have a super long shelf life because of the ingredients and the fact that they have to be refrigerated however, this one doesn’t require refrigeration. That being said the shelf like is longer. I personally love a good mask. It’s so refreshing and relaxing! This mask is just everything and if you are interested it can be purchased here. Price ranges from $12.95-$24.95…money well spent!

6. Studio 35 Beauty Moisturizer| This is just a simply moisturizer from Walgreens but I love it. It’s light weight and doesn’t leave me greasy but gives me a hydrated look. I totally love it. The packaging states that it’s comparable to a Pond’s moisturizer and clearly I don’t know about all that because I don’t have it to compare but it does the job I need it to. You can purchase a similar one here.


OK fabs, that’s all we have for now! Do you own any of these products? What were your March favs? Let me know below! If you did a post on your favorites leave me the link to check it out. Until next time, be fabulous!!


If anyone wants a detailed review on any of these products let me know.


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