It’s Here…April my Love!!


Hey fabs,

We are just one step closer to consistent warm weather! I can’t even explain to you all how happy I am that the weather is warming up. Winter was such a B*TCH on the east coast this year. From the top to the bottom it’s been brutal. The south even got hit with snow and more then once.  IMO April is the first month of the year that you know that you are almost guaranteed to get no more snow.  The way that Mother Nature has been carrying on snow will be replaced with rain but to be clear everything beats snow. It actually just snowed/rained/sleeted on this past Sunday! Like, WTF Mother Nature have we not suffered enough. Simply put I’m just not about this cold life!

With a new month starting, the weather warming up and things of that sort I’m looking for new idea’s to build my blog. I plan to do regular reviews, do mores hauling (when I do more shopping), outfit of the days, make up  looks, and possibly videos once I figure out filming space and lighting. I don’t ever want my blog to become a bore so I’m always looking for new ideas and I’m always available for suggestions. What would you like to see? I have a Spring Look Book coming and maybe some instructional post on lipsticks and how to make them work. I just don’t know. To be honest, blogging can be a hard job. It’s not the easiest thing in the world to come up with ideas to keep your blog fresh. I have an Earring Haul coming up soon as well.

Well, thank you all for continuing to read and support as well as “listening” to this random rant. Spring has Sprung so WELCOME APRIL!

Until next time fabs…BE FABULOUS!!


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