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Blushing w/ La Femme


Hey fabbies,

I know I have totally been slacking but charge it to my head and not my heart. I’ve honestly been a cross between busy and unmotivated. I’ve just had so much going and honestly just haven’t had very much to share. That’s a lie in terms of make up I have loads to share but no motivation to edit pictures and such. I know it’s horrible but it’s my reality right now. I promise to get back into the swing of things this month.

OK, let’s get into it! I few months ago I ordered a few La Femme blushes from MakeupMania and at the price of $2 and change one would generally not expect much. However, I wasn’t blind to the La Femme brand and had seen multiple swatches and heard nothing but good things about the blushes so I took the plunge and picked up a few. Unfortunately, my camera did not do these justice and did not pick up the color like I had hoped but I’m working with I have.


I purchased a mix of both matte and shimmer. To be honest, the shimmer’s I hardly ever reach for because anything shimmery on top of broken out skin brings attention to any blemish. In person the color is absolutely amazing. It really is. I think La Femme did an amazing job with these. They aren’t powdery and the pigmentation and lasting power is amazing. I couldn’t ask for anything more. This topped with a $2-$3 price tag it’s a #win! lafemmeblushswatches

The swatches are totally washed out but they are beautiful colors. Mulberry which is getting no justice is the perfect Spring and Summer shade for ALL skintones. I actually am excited about wearing this color. It’s actually reminiscent to of  The Color of the Year Radiant Orchid. It’s the prettiest shade of pink with a purple undertone. It’s making me a little upset that you all can’t see it :/.

Do you have any of the La Femme Blushes? Which one’s do you have and how do you store them?

I hope you all enjoyed this post. Thanks for reading and remember to be Fabulous!



2 thoughts on “Blushing w/ La Femme

  1. I totally understand that. My picture situation has been frustrating either with no sun, some lights I have not turning out right, or having to redo a bunch of them. That makes me unmotivated haha. And I’ve actually not heard much of this brand!


    1. Hey girl! #bloggersstruggle I hate feeling so unmotivated! I’ve only really heard about info on their blush but I’ve heard amazing things! They are cheap but very good quality!


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