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Springtime Fab: Animalistic Statement w/ Chambray on the Side


Hey Fabbies,

I decided to put up fashion a little more often because apart of being fabulous is the fashions we chose. I’m not big on trend but I do love a good statement piece paired with a simple outfit to make it pop. Take this outfit for example. It’s fit for a casual day on the weekends or casual day at work if your dress code allows it. Denim tops are heavily on trend paired with a statement necklace to give a color pop,  animal print flats, white jeans, and simple pearl/faux pearl studs.

Like the look…get it here!

Chambray Top|Here

White Jeans|Here

Brown Belt|Here

Animal Print Flats|Here

Statement Necklace|Here (It’s not the same color but it’s workable) Here

Faux Pearls|Here

I hope you enjoyed it…until next time Be Fabulous!



23 thoughts on “Springtime Fab: Animalistic Statement w/ Chambray on the Side

      1. I know right?!

        I say this as someone who’s also too clumsy to wear them.
        But i’ll overcome this fear because I really want to wear the all white trend dammit!


      2. I know right!! I’ve thought a few times of taking a picture in the mirror just to show you my progress lol.

        I’m using a Maybelline Liquid liner (the one on a pen) and what I figured out to do is; draw the wing first, then fill it in around the eye.

        I also realized that I look better when it goes from the center of the eye lash to the end of the wing. If i trace the whole eye – I’m prone to mistakes.


      3. makes complete and perfect sense to me. I use the same technique with drawing the wing first. You are welcome to share any progress with me anytime ya want girl….lawd knows I know the winged struggle lol.


      4. Hahaha!! You are too funny!!

        Oh! You know what I need though? I need a good waterproof liquid pencil liner. The one I have says it is but if i rub my eyes, it smudges.

        What do you think?


      5. Just keepin it real LOL

        I have no suggestions on that one because I don’t have a water proof one…I’ll do a little research though and get back to you. Which one do you have now? This is for your top lash line or bottom?


      6. This is “high end” but Stila has a liquid liner but in felt tip form…from what I’ve heard it last all day and doesn’t move. It’s called Stila Stay All Day liner…you may be able to get it for a decent price on 6pm.com


      7. Nice!!! Thank you!!

        Do you have any recommendations for “no-smudge but keep your lips moisturized all day” lipstick? I want to be able to kiss my dude without wiping him down every single time!

        I’m so not working right now lol


      8. I got nothing for that one because I’m constantly getting yelled at and watching my boo thang wipe off lipstick and lipgloss because it comes off on him CTFU. Neither am I…I’m actually looking on Charlotte Russe on my cpu on my desk and watching netflix on my ipod lol


      9. LMFAO!!

        Girl, I want that beyonce-all-day STAGE lipstick! Guess I’ll have to google it…it can’t be that hard to find – the real housewives have found some lol


      10. Hell when you find that send me the link because I need that in my life like TODAY…RIGHT NOW…Like don’t pass go and don’t collect $200 just give me that lipstick LOL. Please don’t mind my foolery this is a results I’ve chillin to long on the clock.


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