Beautiful People ft. Lupita Nyong’o


Hey fabsters,

I’m so happy to share that the beautiful Miss Lupita has been making a great name for herself. I have yet to see the infamous 12 Years a Slave that apparently put her on the map but I have been seeing this lovely face all over the place. My first thought when I saw her was “this girl is stunning”.Β  I’ve been seeing her slay on the red carpet, on the talk show circuit, winning *WAIT FOR ITTTTT* an Oscar, being the new face of Lancome’ and now being named as one of People’s “50 Most Beautiful”. Yes ma’am, she is the face on the cover and I have to say People did a great job because she appears to be both beautiful inside and out. She is just stunning. I can’t say enough. She has succeeded in making some of us brown girls feel just a little better about being on the darker shade of beauty. Not to mention, I love that she has done the MOST with her TWA. I have never seen anyone style an almost faded hair cut in the manner in which she has. Granted, aΒ  lot of people griped about the roll that landed her and other black people the infamous Oscar award but I salute her as well as the others anyway. It’s only a small amount of black people who hold those awards so regardless of the roll that got it for you I salute you anyway. Back to Lupita…she is just gorge in my humble opinion. I love that she appears to embrace her beauty in every way and everyone doesn’t do that.

Congrats of all your accomplishments Lupita!!



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