Hello May!!


Hey y’all,

It’s finally May. It seems as if weather wise April was not good to us on the Northern East Coast. We have pretty much has all 4 seasons in just that one month. We had snow, a little rain, some wonderful springish days and maybe 1 or 2 summer days. April was just a bowel of confusion. Mother nature truly didn’t know what she wanted to do. That being said WELCOME MAY, I’ve missed you so. May is wonderful for many reasons. The most major one is T-Day. Yes ladies and gents in 30 days it will be my 29th birthday or 25th depending on how I’m feeling. Other then my birthday it gets a lot warmer, the leaves grow a little more, and flowers really bloom. I know this is supposed to happen in April but we got hardly any rain and snow was still falling. I’m just so  happy that we are headed towards warm weather. I’m so very sorry about my lack of post my camera is on the fritz, I’ve been busy, and lacking motivation but I do have quite a few things I have in mind. Hopefully May will be a better blogging month for me.

Are you as excited about May as I am??

Until next time…Be Fabulous!





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