$1 Earring Haul ft. Shopmissa.com


$1.00 Earrings Featuring Shop Miss A

Hey Fabbies,

A little while ago I came across the site Shop Miss A which is a full service website that features everything from cosmetics and lashes to earrings and necklaces. Y’all know that I love a good bargain and I prefer costume jewelry over real jewelry so I feel in love immediately. The products of course aren’t the highest of quality but they are enough for me. If you want to see up close pictures of some of my purchases then keep on reading. Unfortunately some of these may be sold out but I will try to find links for as many as I can.

Disclaimer: All of these items were purchased by me and 2 pairs of the earrings were purchased from Burlington ($1.99) and my local Beauty Supply Store ($.99).


These stole my heart. The aztecish design matched with the black/white/gold glossy finish had me at hello. These will be perfect for the whole year and can go from season to season and did I mention $1.00??? Sold out 😦

Other Options HereHere and Here


These were purchased on the clearance rack at Burlington Coat Factory for $1.99. Another dangle pair with a print on them. I love these especially with my short hair.

shopmissaearrings8 shopmissaearrings6

I think I got these from the Beauty Supply Store as well 2 for $3.00. However, I did get some hopes from Shop Miss A and they are not pictures but I will link them here and here. I got one silver pair and one gold pair of hammered hoops.


When I saw these all I could think was Helloooo Spring! With the many shades of pastel. Pink, Yellow, and Purple trimmed in gold. I absolutely love these. They are a great size and aren’t heavy nor do they stretch out my ear lobe. These too were sold out sadly but I found similar ones here and here.


These Rhinestone Hoops were an eye catcher. They are hoops with a twist. With the Roman Numeral designs set with rhinestones around the base of the earrings there are perfect for everyday wear and because they are only 2 inches in diameter they are safe for work wear. The only con I can say is they are a bit heavier then I’d like but they are livable. These are still available for purchase here.


Now these are the love of my life OK! In both silver and antique gold with a with the Aztec/Tribal print design these earrings are just everything to me. I love the way they lay on my ears and the fact that they are printed just makes it all the better. Unfortunately these are completely sold out and there isn’t anything even close to them on the site.


Plain pair of gold studs. I purchased these in gold and silver. These can be found anyway honestly.


Mint Green is heavily in rotation this season and these earrings are perfect for the Spring as well as the Summer. Mint Green trimmed in gold with rhinestones. These earrings are just super cute.

Similar ones Here and Here


These are from my local Beauty Supply Store as well. I love bows. Bow rings, bow earrings, bow necklace and even a bow on my clothes (sometimes) so of course when I saw these for 1.00 I snatched them up. They are just super cute and very light weight. You can get a similar pair here.


Finally, the last pair. These Brown and Gold Pyramid earrings are cute. Perfect for the whole year. I love brown and gold paired together so of course I had to grab these up. They are very light weight and cute. I love them.

These are still available here.

Wooooo that was long. I hope you all enjoyed this post. Have you ever purchased from Shop Miss A? If so what was your experience like?

Until next time loves…Be Fabulous!!


10 thoughts on “$1 Earring Haul ft. Shopmissa.com

    1. Thanks girl!! I love their site! I actually have a order coming today that I hope to put up tomorrow! I’m glad you enjoyed it, thanks for reading and check out their site!


  1. Wow this is a great post! Always looking for great websites with amazing prices! I’m checking it out right now!


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